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About Footlogics

Agaukas, a Leading Handicrafted leather luxury brand in association with Footlogics introduces foot care solution to Indian Customers.

Footlogics from Australia specialises in developing and manufacturing orthotic insoles. Founded in the year 2003, having worked closely with reputed podiatrists and physiotherapists has resulted in developed high quality orthotics at very reasonable price.

Footlogics products are available and widely appreciated in Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands and South-Africa as well. Footlogics gained approval by the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK in 2011 and is now being used in public hospitals across the UK which is a big achievement for a Australian company!

Years' of biomechanical research and trials have resulted in the development of Footlogics premium insoles. The latest technology including gait analysis and high-end CAD/CAM facilities that were used to create these products give them unmatched quality and maximum walking comfort.

Aguakas & Footlogics-India has brought Luxury and Well-Beingness together to Indian customers.

Our Mission

Agaukas always believes in Quality & Customer-Centricity. We aim to provide people of India and the world with affordable yet effective solutions to the most critical and common biomechanical complaints, including heel pain, foot pain, knee and lower back pain. We aim to reduce and/or eliminate foot pain and also prevent future problems and injury and maximise your walking comfort along with it. This is why we strive to improve our technology to make sure that our customer's quality of life is improved as well. Our goal is to ensure your well-being and support you in living an active and healthy life.