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Ball of Foot Pain or Metatarsalgia

"Metatarsalgia" as it is called in medical terms is pain felt mostly in the ball of your foot. It is especially very common among women who wear fashion shoes and high heels. Women who have worn this type of footwear in the past are also prone to this type of foot pain. However, it can also be a problem for men and women who wear regular flat shoes.

This condition can be treated with the right Footlogics orthotics. No need to worry about that excruciating pain and awful burning sensation in the balls of your feet. You will get better soon and will be able to wear your high heels, go for a run and get back to work once again without pain! 

Signs and Symptoms

  • Sharp pain or burning sensation under the balls of the feet.
  • Pain intensifies as the patient stands, walks or runs.
  • Pain subsides after resting.
  • Frequent feeling of a pebble being in their shoe.
  • Walking barefoot is often the most painful.

Causes of Ball of Foot Pain


Many biomechanical researches show over-pronation to be a very common cause of Metatarsalgia is. Our feet have two arches: the longitudinal arch or the instep and the transverse arch which is across our forefoot. Over-pronation happens when the arches of our feet collapse. It causes excess pressure on the metatarsals which severely weakens your forefoot structure resulting in immense pain in the ball of your foot.

Type of Footwear

Wrong footwear transfers about 60 to 80% of your body weight forward, onto the balls of your feet. This leads to the dropping of the metatarsals or forefoot bones and weakening of the surrounding ligaments. The whole forefoot structure collapses, which results in excess pressure and friction applied under the ball of your foot as a result you get chronic pain. It may occur even years after you have stopped wearing heels.

When you wear inflexible footwear that has little to no cushioning or support inside, you become more prone to this condition. Therefore, it is quite common among policemen, military personnel, security and farming professionals, teachers, and tradesmen, etc.

Body weight

Being overweight places excessive pressure on your feet. Your feet were 'designed' to carry normal body weight. People who are over-weight put enormous pressure on the muscles, joints and ligaments in the foot, in particular the metatarsal bones will suffer and collapse, causing ball of foot pain.


Footlogics comes with a wide range of orthotics that helps relieve pain in the ball of your feet.

Footlogics 'Versa' insoles

Ideal for women fashion shoes

These insoles work by restoring the biomechanical balance within and supporting your arches. This way your weight is more evenly distributed on your joints. A reduction in excessive pressure reduces the overall friction in the ball of your foot.

Footlogics 'Metatarsalgia' orthotics

Ideal for regular flat shoes

These insoles offer excellent arch support and they have a built-in metatarsal raise for long-term relief.

Footlogics 'Sports'

Ideal for regular flat shoes

These insoles offer excellent arch support and they have a built-in metatarsal raise for long-term relief.


Other treatment options

  • Rest - Protect your foot from further injury by not stressing it. Elevate your foot after standing or walking. You might need to avoid your favorite sport for a while, but you can stay fit with low-impact exercises, such as swimming or cycling.
  • Use ice on the affected area - Apply ice packs to the affected area for about 20 minutes at a time several times a day. To protect your skin, wrap the ice packs in a thin towel.
  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever - Try ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others), naproxen sodium (Aleve) or aspirin to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Wear proper shoes - Avoid too-tight or too-loose shoes and limit your wearing of high heels. Wear shoes appropriate for the sports you play.

Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia)

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