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Lower Back Pain

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  • Dull ache
  • Tiredness in the lower back
  • Waves of lethargy all over your back

Back pain is very common and millions of Americans suffer from it as we speak, but most of us simply put up with it. Why?

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Poor body posture-When sitting in front of a computer at work or at home or watching TV or lying down on the couch, we make ourselves very prone to this kind of pain.

Poor posture while standing up-right. This gradually worsens over time if not rectified.

Long periods of standing.

Reason for Bad Body Posture

These postures are often a result of problems of the feet. When your feet over-pronate (roll inwards excessively), it puts the entire body out of balance. Over-pronation causes your legs to rotate inwards and this makes your pelvis tilt forward. As a result your spinal curvature increases and the continuous tension in your lower back muscles causes pain and discomfort.

Treating Lower Back Pain with Orthotics

According to a recent study conducted in the United States, the nature of a person's walk can be a major reason for chronic lower back pain. The subjects in the study reported a 68% improvement in their lower back pain after being fitted with foot orthotics.

Read more about this study here...

Footlogics Orthotics Reduces Over-Pronation

Yes, Footlogics orthotics helps prevent internal rotation of your legs and further does not let your pelvis tilt forward. Your body posture improves greatly and the resultant tension on your lower back muscles is reduced significantly. This relieves you of all the pain and tiredness.

In addition to wearing orthotics, your doctor will also recommend some stretching and strengthening exercises on a daily basis. Stretching your hamstrings for instance, helps relieve pain and tension in your lower back. You can also seek guidance from a physical therapist or chiropractor.

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Low Back Pain

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