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Footlogics Comfort

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Footlogics Comfort

Product Features:

    • medium density E.V.A. base
    • high arch support
    • metatarsal support
    • Durapontex heel & forefoot pads
    • deep stabilising heel cup
    • soft velours top layer

    Footlogics Comfort
    Footlogics Comfort Footlogics Comfort

    Footlogics Comfort controls overpronation-rolling in of the feet and collapsing of the arches. The re-alignment of the feet helps relieve many foot complaints such as heel pain, Achiles Tendonitis,Metatarsal-gia (ball of foot pain),as well as flat feet and fallen arches. This insole also improves overall body posture and may help relieve knee pain and lower back pain.

    This insole is suitable for all types of mens and womens lace-up footwear, as well as work boots.

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    Full-length orthotic for fallen arches, over-pronation and flat feet. Helps with heel pain, aching feet or legs, knee pain and lower back pain

    • Developed by Australian podiatrists, TGA-approved (Therapeutic Goods Adminstration) under 'Medical Devices'
    • Provides relief for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), Ball of Foot pain, and other common foot complaints
    • Corrects over-pronation, fallen arches and flat feet
    • Fits in all types of lace-up shoes including joggers; also suitable for work boots
    • Made of light-weight E.V.A. and cushioning Durapontex
    • Shock-absorbing heel and forefoot padding
    • Deep heel cup, strong arch support and built-in metatarsal raise
    • Orthotic can be trimmed to size with normal scissors
    • Price: ₹1999 per pair
    • 90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy
    • Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on 9940194994
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