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Footlogics Football

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Footlogics Football

Product Features:

  • Firm thermo-plastic outer shell
  • Cushioning P.U. mid base
  • Polymer gel heel & forefoot pads
  • Medium-height arch support
  • Built-in metatarsal raise
  • Slim design for perfect fit

Footlogics Football
Footlogics Football Footlogics Football

Footlogics Football is made of a soft and Cushioning PU & Gel base, combined with a firm plastic outer shell. The insole helps control excess pronation – a contributing cause to many biomechanical injuries, such as Sever’s Disease, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints and Patello-femoral syndrome (knee pain). Its narrow design and low arch profile creates a perfect fit inside the boot without cramping the feet.

This insole is suitable for all types of football boots (AFL, NRL, Union and Soccer). 

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Product Details

Full-length flexible orthotic insoles designed to fit soccer and gridiron boots. Helps with the relief of heel pain and ball of foot pain. Extremely comfortable!

  • High quality full-length football orthotic developed by Australian podiatrists 
  • Provides both support and cushioning
  • Helps corrects excess pronation, fallen arches or flat feet 
  • Designed to fit soccer/gridiron boots. Also suitable athletics shoes
  • Made of durable, cushioning P.U. and firm plastic T.P.U. outer shell 
  • Shock-absorbing Gel heel and forefoot padding 
  • Deep heel cup,  arch support and metatarsal raise 
  • Orthotic can be trimmed to size with normal scissors
  • Price: 2199 per pair
  • 90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy
  • Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on 9940194994
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