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Footlogics Sensi

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Footlogics Sensi

Product Features:

    • Firm TPU plastic outer shell
    • Cushioning P.U. mid base
    • Gel heel and forefoot pads
    • Medium-height arch support
    • Built-in metatarsal raise
    • Stabilising heel cup

    Footlogics Sensi
    Footlogics Sensi Footlogics Sensi

    Footlogics Sensi is designed to protect the feet of Diabetes sufferers and helps reduce the risk of developing
    foot ulceration, as a result of neuropathy (the inability to feel pain,heat or cold). This anatomically-shaped
    insole distributes the forces of walking evenly over the entire surface of the foot to protect sensitive areas
    from excess pressure and friction. In addition, the soft Plastazote layer protects the skin from excess rubbing
    and chafing.

    This full-length insole is suitable for all types of lace -up shoes.

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    Product Details

    Soft orthotic insole developed especially for people with Diabetes, Arthritis and/or sensitive feet. Features Plastazote memory-foam, anti-bacterial top layer

    • full-length soft orthotic developed by Australian podiatrists
    • suitable for people with Diabetes, Arthritis or Sensitive Feet
    • also suitable for people who prefer a gentle arch support instead of firm support
    • fits in all types of lace-up shoes including joggers; also suitable for work boots
    • cushioning Plastazote top layer to minimize pressure and friction
    • P.U. based with shock-absorbing Gel padding in heel and forefoot
    • reduces the risk of ulceration and wound development
    • deep heel cup, gentle arch support and built-in metatarsal raise
    • orthotic can be trimmed to size with normal scissors
    • Price: 2199 per pair
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