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Footlogics Versa

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Footlogics Versa

Product Features:

    • Unique, slim-line design
    • Firm outer shell
    • Soft P.U. base
    • Strong arch support
    • Metatarsal dome
    • Fits most types of women’s footwear

    Footlogics Versa
    Footlogics Versa

    New Footlogics Versa is a slim, Ultra-thin orthotic insole that meets the challenge of providing support and re-alignment in almost type of women’s footwear. This super-thin orthotic prevents the heel from slipping out of the shoe or cramping the toe box. Yet, it offers excellent arch and metatarsal support. Suitable for people suffering from heel pain or ball of foot pain.

    Versa insoles are suitable for most types of women’s footwear with low to medium heel, including boots and sandals. Also suitable for ballerinas.

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    Full-length slim-line orthotic, designed to fit most women's shoes. Effective relief from heel pain, ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia) and Morton's Neuroma, or tired, aching feet.

    • Premium quality medical-grade orthotic developed by Australian podiatrists 
    • Provides relief from common complaints such as heel painball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia), Morton's Neuroma, tired, aching feet and legs
    • Controls 'excess pronation', excellent support for flat feet/low arches
    • Slim-line design, ideal for women's footwear including ballerinas, sandals, boots etc flat or with a low or medium-high heel. Almost invisible in open shoes
    • Firm, 'cobra' shape outer shell for biomechanical control + cushionig PU layer for comfort
    • Price: ₹2199 per pair
    • 90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy
    • Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on 9940194994
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