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Footlogics Workmate

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Footlogics Workmate

Product Features:

    • Firm TPU plastic outer shell
    • Cushioning P.U. mid base
    • Gel heel and forefoot pads
    • Medium-height arch support
    • Built-in metatarsal raise
    • Stabilising heel cup

    Footlogics Workmate
    Footlogics Workmate Footlogics Workmate

    Footlogics Workmateis the ideal insole for people who are on their feet all day, especially when standing on hard surfaces for logn house. The insoles provide excellent cushioning for tired, aching feet. In addition, the product supports the feet, giving overall stability and balance for knees, hips and lower back. Footlogics Workmate helps make work shoes more comfortable. With less strain on the muscles and ligaments, it allow the wearer to get through the working day without pain or discomfort.

    This insole is suitable for most types of work shoes, including work boots. Also excellent for nurses shoes and footwear worn by chefs, cooks and waiters/waitresses.

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    Product Details

    Full-length cushioning & supportive insole for all types of work footwear. Maximum walking comfort! (also suitable for supinators)

    • Full-length soft, extremely comfortable orthotic insole developed by Australian podiatrists
    • Provides relief from tired, aching feet and legs, foot pain etc
    • Supports the arches and cushions the foot
    • Also suitable for people who supinate (feet that roll outward)
    • Fits in all types work footwear, including work boots, gum boots, nurses shoes etc
    • Shock-absorbing gel heel and forefoot pads
    • Deep heel cup and mild arch support
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    • Price: ₹2199 per pair
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